joe paravisini

Cloud Solutions Architect


who I am

I am a passionate and results-driven engineer.
I can help your technology business get to the next level.
I am energized by evolving environments, innovative technology, and people that change the world.
I am business-savvy, comfortably navigating between business goals and technological deliverables.
I am a systems thinker and love to build lightweight and adaptive processes to bring order out of chaos.
I build awesome teams for great companies that deliver measurable results by fostering community, growth, and accountability.

personal info
  • Name : Joe Paravisini
  • Email : .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
  • GPG Key : 56C1 F2CE 8357 08C0 8113 FE05 D150 E4A8 C535 32A9
  • Current Location : Providence, Rhode Island
my story

Many moons ago, my mom dragged 8 year old me to one of her nighttime computer classes. The professor must have felt bad for me and let me follow along on an unused computer. I was hooked, and with a few short years, I was designing, coding and selling websites. Since then, I have been a full time designer, systems admin, developer and manager, and my curiousity still has not been quenched.

If you also have a passion for changing the world with technology, I would love to get to know you. Please feel free to reach out to me.

# Joe Paravisini
my hobbies
Small talk is hard. Here's a few conversation starters.
  • family

    My wife and I made a bunch of little clones to keep us company. There are now 8 of us! Needless to say, much of my life involves them in some way.

  • outdoors

    You can regularly find me mountain biking, camping, hiking, running, snowboarding, rock climbing or regretting the occasional obstacle race.

  • coffee

    I am kind of obsessed with the stuff. I have been roasting my own coffee for 16 years now, and owned a roasting company for 3 years.

  • learning

    As a student of life, reading is crucial. Who I am is a direct of what I have read. I keep the genres and authors diverse: Seneca to Lovecraft, Godin to Emerson, Rowling and Pirsig.

  • food & drink

    I am a lover of delicious local food and drink, always looking for something new. Had a great meal or beer somewhere recently? I'de love to hear about it!


what I have done

A collection of full-time gigs. Prior to, and throughout much of this timeline, I have also been involved in consulting and hobby work.

Director of Software Engineering
  • Virgin Pulse, Inc.
  • Providence, RI

In late 2018, I created the Virgin Pulse "Platform Excellence" Engineering division focused on evaluating and improving the post-production quality of our wellness platform. This massive change involved absorbing Tier 2, developing a Tier 3 team, a sustaining engineering team, and a Site Reliability Engineering team. Tier 2's escalation time decreased 99% within 2 months. Tier 3's MTTR for incidents decreased by over 50%. SRE added the first 24/7 global on-call rotation for infrastructure issues across hundreds of servers. Though incoming ticket volume increased by over 250%, the sophisticated response workflow developed allowed us to gracefully meet the new demands while continuing to improve user satisfaction. Finally, major improvements to staffing and onboarding processes have resulted in a wildly successful global internship program resulting in the highest full-time hire rate in the company's history.


what I am good at

Just a few highlights. There are few parts of the machine that I have not tinkered with. Contact me for more details.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Networking & Security
Site Reliaibility Engineering
release management
incident management
microservice architecture
  • Grit
  • Adaptable
  • Creative
  • Contagious Enthusiasm
  • Slightly Eccentric
  • Self-Directed
  • Authentic
  • Dependable
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Eager to Learn
  • Eager to Teach
  • Virtually Unlimited energy
  • Sometimes Beard

Joe is one of the most versatile professionals that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. In addition to being a extremely talented Systems Analyst; Joe is proficient in many programming languages (PHP, Actionscript, ROR, etc) and disciplines (OOP, MVC) making him an asset to whatever team he is on. I have had the pleasure of working with him at different stages in his career and have seen his tremendous growth over the years.

Jean A.
Colleague, BZ Results/Numark Industries

Joseph is a brilliant mind who is fantastic at architecting large web projects for e-commerce, blogs and regular websites. His development skills are robust, he is great at problem solving and creating time efficient work arounds for client specifications. His understanding of content management systems and how to bend them to his will is uncanny. Joseph is also extremely talented with servers and I host all of my client sites with him. I very rarely if ever experience downtime, and if I do it is resolved immediately. He is the first person I look to when I need a really solid server side developer.

Mitchel S.
Project Manager, Independent Consulting

While working with Joe I found him to be very efficient and adept at his position. One of the things that I thought was great about Joe was that he took initiative and ownership over everything that he did. His drive to progress is what made him such an asset to the company. He continues to this day to move forward with learning and advancing his skills.

Derek S.
Former Manager (ADP Dealer Services)

Beyond being an extremely resourceful and productive worker, Joe is a positive and talented worker. When I was hired to BZ results, Joe taught me the in’s and out’s of proper workflow, the company systems & processes and a variety of Actionscript 2.0 knowledge. With his help I was able to become productive faster. When there was no specific documentation for our team (and more importantly new hires) to use Joe set out to solve the problem. His solution was to implement a wiki to become the new home for common problems, useful code snippets, and best practices. Bottom-line, whether it is design, server-side technologies, or entrepreneurship; Joe’s skill set and personality allow him to excel. It was a pleasure working with this guy.

Charles M.
Colleague, BZ Results

Joseph is a very intelligent and talented individual. He is incredibly dedicated with a strong commitment to excellence. Joseph is always a pleasure to work with and gets along great with all everyone.

Daniel H.
Colleague, ADP Dealer Services

Joe continually exceeds expectations by delivering quality and timely work. Joe’s development work for Forefront has increased our effectiveness in being a “one stop shop” marketing company.

Matthew D.
Project Manager, Independent Consulting