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FitBit API

This is actually kind of exciting (for stat nerds like me). FitBit launched their API, and it’s actually pretty full-featured. I am working on creating FitBitEE, an expressionengine extension/wrapper. You can see the proof of concept code grabbing my current data over in the side nav.

JP Category Select

Third officially released opensource add-on for ExpressionEngine 2. JP Category Select allows you to display a dynamic category checkbox tree as a standalone fieldtype. In addition to being damn sexy, this also allows you to use categories that are not formerly assigned to the channel.

Check it out on

JP Category Select Screenshot

JP Recently Viewed released!

Second official Add-on is now up on Devot-ee! JP Recently Viewed allows you filter a channel:entries tag to show entries that a user has (ironically) recently viewed. This is especially useful in e-commerce solutions, and could fairly easily be extended to show products related to products you have been browsing, giving a effect.
This one is once again open source, so feel free to contribute fixes and enhanced functionality.

View JP Recently Viewed on

A simple EE ‘Back’ button

Here is a nifty little trick I stumbled upon the other day:

<a href="<?=$this->EE->session->tracker['1']?>">Go Back</a>

ExpressionEngine’s Session object keeps the past 5 unique pages you have visited in the ‘tracker’ array. It is more useful than the typical javascript history.go(-1) method as it is fully server side and client independent.

Keep in mind, this won’t work if you have PHP turned off in your templates (a good idea if you don’t fully trust people who have access to the template section), but it would also be fairly easy to write a plugin wrapper for it (perhaps I will whip one up if no one else jumps on it first).